Furniture Pack La Cala De Mijas, Navigolf 3

Furniture Pack La Cala De Mijas, Navigolf 3 is a 3 bedrooms apartment that was furnished for personal use during their holidays in Marbella and the Costa Del Sol.

Our clients wanted the best of the best and we provided them with the best qualities that I possible in all the options of our items.

For example – the sofas – the best leather on offer in this range; the commode in full solid natural wood pre-assembled along with the dining table too.  The Barstools also in amazing leather with optional colour and to finish the tailored solutions, a headboard, tailored dimensions in full Alcantara leather with custom holes for electricity was also possible with us.

All of the items chosen are from our Prestige Range and also tailored solutions they wanted.  We never know if everything is possible, however, working directly with who builds, we were able to change a few things around for them with dimensions and colours and the majority of the request was accepted.

We only provided and installed the furniture for this project as the clients wanted to install the rest themselves in their own time.  The outcome was excellent and their flat looks and smells amazing!

The total cost of this project with all the tailored solutions came at a mere 22,000€ in total.  In our honest opinion, this is of excellent value when we know others who are local could charge in excess of 50,000€ for the same qualities and tailored solutions.


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