How does it work?

Covid 19 is still here…

As much as we would not like to discuss it or use it as an excuse, we are all affected by this worldwide. All our efforts are to make sure we deliver on time. We cannot guarantee exact deliveries until all restrictions have been removed in Europe and worldwide.
We will make sure what is available with the manufacturers to ensure timely delivery to all our customers when you are making the final choices with us.
It may take a little longer to order and confirm with you, however, will help with the delivery times if they are themselves waiting for orders.

What’s the deal?

Our tailored service helps all of our clients to furnish their homes. Choice, affordability and peace of mind as the majority of our clients are not here to take care of it from afar.  We always communicate with our clients, and we prefer to meet when you are here in Spain and also take measurements and pictures of your home.  We then discuss our packs together to find the perfect solution for you.

Mix it all up!

We are special. We are unique.
Therefore, choose any items from each range that suits your desires! Or mix and match from each of our contents. You have all the freedom to choose what you need to furnish your home to your liking.
Not to mention the choice of colours, materials, textiles, dimensions on some occasions. We assure you that you will find what you need with us!
Stick to the same range – and pay the same! If not, you may pay more or less, depending on your choices.

I need to see what you sell!

Our service is to furnish our clients’ homes for choice, affordability & peace of mind.
To be able to give a choice, our clients experience a service to design their homes as they wish with our portfolio. They are all built to order for you, hence the versatility at your fingertips.
Uniquely, we have done many renders on our website to see how our furniture can work together. We also have at disposal two show flats we can visit upon appointment only so that you can see a real case study from us.
We also have many fabric and material samples for you to see and touch when we meet.
This solution is how we can give you quality at many affordable prices as all savings from not having many employees and showrooms is given to our clients.

I choose, what next?

After we have met to discuss your idea and we agreed on the pack you wish to go for, we contact the manufacturers straight away.
All furniture will be confirmed with you when they have processed it, and we usually expect everything to be complete and sent to Spain within 6 to 8 weeks.
When it reaches Spain, our professional removal team will transport all the furniture to your home and install it under our supervision. We would have also discussed where you wanted the items placed together.
We will always keep you in the loop where your order is when we get notified.

I am not too fond of something.

This may happen, and we understand as buyers ourselves too.
Before you order, we do our utmost to make sure you are choosing the right furniture for your home. By making renders if needed of the furniture you choose and the samples we keep here with us, so you know the exact colours you are choosing.
We do not confirm orders to anyone if we have not met them or have visited their home. We do everything to minimise something to go wrong.
However, it can happen, and we offer a 14 days return policy we discuss together before you order.

How do I pay?

Full payment needed when the order is confirmed.
We only accept payments via bank transfer from a proforma invoice.
We will confirm orders to manufacturers upon receipt of all funds.

So why do we offer this to you?

Four years ago we were looking to furnish our rental here in Spain. Unfortunately, we did not want to spend too much, and the local competition was not for us, and we also did not want to buy in large mass-produced shops.
My better half in construction had connections in the furniture business, and we contacted them and found what we wanted and for a great price.
This is how our family business came to fruition. Friends ordered my property clients, asked us to furnish their homes, and they were all happy and also questioned us why we did not do it on a bigger scale. Today we are offering the same to you.
All our manufacturer’s designs assemble and deliver from within Europe.

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