Furniture Pack Rental La Cala De Mijas, Navigolf 3

Furniture Pack Rental in La Cala De Mijas, Navigolf 3, a 3 bedrooms apartment furnished with our Comfort/Distinctive Range + extra tailored solutions – and all our optional extras – including – Kitchen/bath/lighting and some decoration items. We provided our service, the furniture, the extras and installed everything from lighting, TV, coasters and so much more for an incredible price of just short of 14,500€! Please note – we do not sell exterior furniture directly – however we will still help you buy and install in your property at no extra cost.  the price you pay here in Spain will be the price if we help or not.  We hope to find a direct solution for exterior furniture soon… The clients bought the property as an investment and wanted it listed for holiday rentals in Marbella and along the Costa Del Sol.  Clients did not want cheap items, as their experience was to change every year.  This time they wanted more solid furniture and we recommended to mix our comfort and distinctive ranges for the most used furniture. For example – the living room was mostly distinctive; real leather sofa, natural wood dining table and furniture, dining chairs also of high quality.  The bedrooms were from our Comfort range and asked for quality mattresses to go with them as this helped to keep the price lower and yet the beds are of high quality and durable anyway so we told them going distinctive or prestige for beds would be more for personal reasons only. The clients are based outside of Spain as they were only here when they bought the property off-plan a few months back.  We were left to take care of their snag list and anything needed when the property was completed, and when we picked up their keys we started ordering the furniture ready to be installed in their new property.  We then helped them list it in a holiday management company for rentals.  

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