Colour of the year 2022, Very Peri.

Colour of the Year 2022 – A Grey Outlook to Very Peri

The Pantone Institute, one of the most famous and respected colour institutes globally, has released in December the new mood colour of the year for 2022.

For 23 years, they have chosen a new colour to symbolise social moods in a changing reality. Find out more here.

If we look at how the “COVID -19” pandemic has enveloped us all, it has forced us to change the way we work. Moreso, the scale of progress and the latest technologies show that a new world is beginning here and now.

This year, for the first time, a completely new colour was created.  Very Peri.

Colour of the year 2022

Very Peri combine the shade of blue, containing the main features of blue, with an intense purple shade, and has an energetic red reflex. This combination is to express ingenuity, creativity and new energy.

very peri

The new colour encourages looking into the future and reading it completely new, optimistic perspective. Also, the Pantone Institute announced that Very Peri is a symbol of the global zeitgeist (meaning “spirit of the age”), as well as a visualisation of a time full of changes.

Pantone Institute

In addition of a new colour means that new palettes are now available. So, here are a few that will inspire you.

Very Peri PalettesColour of the year 2022, Very Peri.

How will the newly created colour be adopted? The coming future will show it, which we hope experts from Pantone Color Institute predicted accurately. Looking at many catalogues, from sofas to decorative items, this has started this year.

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